Social networks + Your Voice

Project Open Source for the blinds. Available for Windows, Linux and Apple

Everyone connected

Everybody should have equal opportunity to communicate in a simple and easy way. Whether it is sending a tweet, chatting on Facebook, or waking up to a ‘good morning’ from that special someone in Whatsapp.

To solve these problems, we created Keitana, a web platform that is accessible from any device, and uses the latest standards for voice recognition and speech synthesizers to interact with the voice of a person. Just say "send tweet", followed by the text, then post! Tweets can also be read aloud by the speech synthesizer; all without needing to install anything more than Chrome.

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Our three principles

Breaking barriers

We are fighting for the blind and persons with vision problems so they can communicate readily and easily with the social networks, due to a risk of exclusion for those who are not able to use them.

Free, Free, Free

Keitana is, and will be, a free project forever. We maintain servers with donations that you can make from here. You can also download the source code for free to study or replicate :-)

Non Profit

Keitana is an open source project, so that we do not earn money and we don’t allow businesses. Everything developed by Keitana is done to better the world. Will you join us?

The features

Programmed in HTML5, works on PC / iPhone / Android in the latest version of Chrome

Voice Recognition

Press ‘ctrl’ or the screen, and speak. The voice recognition will do the rest.

Speech synthesizer

Looking for a tweet? Just say the words and Keitana will read it to you.

Multi Language

The plaform is multi language. Keitana is currently available in English, Spanish, and Catalan.

Open Source

Keitana is a open source project, you can download, modify, etc.

Future Implementation

Keitana is working on adding more social networks. If you are a programmer, please consider helping us!

Always Free

Keitana is, and always will be, a free project forever. We are funded by Donations.